Welcome to DSP Technologies

Welcome to DSP Technologies.

With being located in the Capital District, we can offer services to you that contain a personal touch. You are a name to us, a number to “them”. Unlike most places, we have the answers to your issues at our finger tips.

Current Services and Prices can be found at the top of the site (or you can CLICK ). As we continue to serve the public, we will be adding other services that may be of interest to our clientele. Including (but not limited to) personalized case modifications (engraving of not only Plastics, but of metals as well), liquid cooling (including Oil Submerged systems) and quality web hosting to name but a few additions.

Our staff holds over 20 years in the PC repair and networking fields not to mention Pc gaming and customization. We offer Quality, Affordable custom builds to deal with the demanding needs of PC gaming, or to handle the day to day business of media storage and web surfing.